To achieve healthy bones it is essential to eat a diet rich in fresh, raw whole foods that maximizes natural minerals so that your body has the raw materials it needs to function properly.  Along with a healthy organic diet supplement with Vitamin K2 and D3 for optimum bone, heart, and joint health. 

Thinning bones and arterial plaque may be due to a lack of the essential vitamins K2 and D3.  

Without K2, calcium collects in our blood and can lead to calcification in our arteries. The Rotterdam Study which followed about 4,800 individuals for a 10-year period showed that individuals who consume the most dietary vitamin K2 experience 50 percent less arterial calcification and cardiovascular death. This happens because vitamin K2 activates a vascular protein that inhibits arterial calcification. Vitamin K2 also activates proteins that work to mineralize bones. These two important qualities help combat two diseases that pose serious risk for millions: heart disease and osteoporosis.

In addition to heart, bone, and teeth assistance, according to many studies performed since it’s discovery, Vitamin K2 and D3 taken together also help rheumatoid arthritis, regulate blood sugar, boost energy and fight fatigue, boost testosterone production in men, support the kidneys and help eliminate kidney stones, protect the myelin sheath of the nerve cells, help prevent and assist with Alzheimer’s, and fight cancer by causing cancer cells to self destruct.

How it works:

You consume calcium, and it goes anywhere in the body.  Some goes to your arteries, some goes to your organs, some goes to your joints, your tissues, and some may go to your bones.  Then you consume Super Vitamin K2 & D3, which then takes the calcium from the arteries, organs, joints, and tissues, and sends it to the bones and teeth.  This is Mother Nature’s full circle nutrition to help us to keep strong bones and teeth as we age.

Why is Vitamin K2 missing from our diets? 

 Because we have gone from Nature’s grass-fed ideal scene to a rapid grain-fed and grain-finished meat and egg diet.  Unfortunately, animals that are kept in feedlots and cages do not produce Super Vitamin K2.  It only comes from a 100% grass-fed diet out in pastures.  This is why it is so important to eat only grass-fed and pastured animals and eggs.

  1. Vitamin K1: Found in green vegetables, K1 goes directly to your liver and helps you maintain a healthy blood clotting system. (This is the kind of K that infants need to help prevent a serious bleeding disorder.)
  2. Vitamin K2: Bacteria produce this type of vitamin K. It is present in high quantities in your gut, but unfortunately is not absorbed from there and passes out in your stool. K2 goes straight to vessel walls, bones, and tissues other than your liver.

K2, here is a the link to a very simple, very good book “The X-Factor Revolution” by Jason Kennedy (affiliate link) that we have found to be very informative.  

How Do You Get Vitamin D3? 

You won’t get sufficient D3 from foods. Sunlight and supplements are the keys. You need at least 20 mins. per day of sunlight on exposed skin to get adequate D3.  If you can’t do that, then a supplement is the answer.

So consume healthy amounts of vitamin K2 and D3 and you will have a healthy heart and bones of steel. If you would like to read more about this miracle vitamin

  1. Exposing your skin natural sunlight. Vitamin D from sunlight acts as a pro-hormone, rapidly converting in your skin into 25-hydroxyvitamin D, or vitamin D3.
  2. Using a safe home tanning bed like the Sun Splash to achieve similar results as that from natural sunlight exposure.
  3. Taking an oral vitamin D3 supplement whenever natural sun exposure is not an option.

Vitamin D is a key player in your overall health. The name is misleading — it isn’t actually a vitamin at all but a potent neuroregulatory steroidal hormone that influences nearly 3,000 of your 25,000 genes. It literally turns on and off genes that can exacerbate — or prevent — many diseases.  It is estimated that 85 percent of Americans have insufficient levels of vitamin D” Dr. Mercola

 Bottom Line:

– Make sure you are taking a good Vitamin D Supplement and getting plenty of sunshine

– Make sure you are taking a good Vitamin K2 Supplement

– Consume a wide variety of fresh, local organic whole foods, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, organic meats and eggs, and raw organic unpasteurized dairy.

– Make sure to get enough rest and exercise.




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