Non-GMO Project

Believe it or not, there are over 60 countries in the world that require GMO products to be labeled, unlike Canada and America which do not require these foods containing GMOs to be labeled as such—this in spite of the fact that numerous poles indicate that most Americans want GMOs labeled.

On December 15, 2008 after nearly two years of planning and collaborations, the Non-GMO Product Verification Program is up and running with over 350 products enlisted. Eden Foods, Lundbergs, Nature’s Path, Organic Valley, Whole Foods, and R.W. Garcia were among those who helped draft the Non-GMO Project Standard in March.

Taking Control Over the Irresponsible Government Oversight Agencies

The document lays out North America’s first independent, third-party standard for production systems designed to avoid GMOs. Products that meet the Standard have the right to bear the “Non-GMO Project verified” seal beginning in October 2009. In the meantime, a list of participating products can be found on the project’s website. The project anticipates enrollment in the thousands within the next few months. In addition, it has paired with the organic certifier Quality Assurance International to enable both certifications with one auditor and one audit. For more information, visit

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