You can get a transplant of any organ —except your brain. It can’t be replaced. So take great care of it!

Here is what you may not be aware of and should be:

Your brain is a heavy eater (of oxygen and other nutrients). That’s because your brain works hard to run your body and is the conduit for your thoughts. Therefore, it has to ‘eat a lot’ to stay well—and that food is served through the blood.

Your brain is only 5% of your body mass, yet it consumes 20% of the oxygen in your blood. It’s a real energy-hog.

Your brain runs on blood like a car runs on gasoline. When the blood flowing to the brain runs into a clog or restriction, the system goes down fast and you’re in trouble. Here’s what doctors are now discovering…

A report in the medical journal Radiology says, “Old age is associated with a decrease in cerebral blood flow. These observations strongly suggest that decreased cerebral blood flow indeed causes brain damage.” But you can protect yourself.

Blood does more than bring your brain it’s daily dinner. According to a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, blood may help you think clearly. That’s because blood affects how your brain cells transmit information to each other.

So, it is vital to not let your brain blood-flow go down. Here’s how cayenne pepper can help protect your brain when you use it right.

Combine cayenne with brain stimulators, like Gotu Kola.

Feed your hungry brain. I have a lead to find the once out of print Curing with Cayenne. And I will publish it by the next Weekly News Tips.

Increasing the blood flow to the brain also really increases the blood flow to the entire body. Arteries bring food and oxygen to the various parts of the body and the veins take away the carbon dioxide and the waste byproducts from the body.

This is where drinking lots of good clean water with of course some amount of it being alkaline water is key to staying youthful and healthy. Take my wife, Cathy, as an example. She grew up on a farm and ran around barefooted on cow manure, chicken manure, used lots of lime on the ground, so she had a fair amount of lime in her system and parasites from the farm. She consumed large quantities of alkaline water and she simply detoxed the lime and got rid of the FOOD for the parasites also known as “acid waste byproducts”. Because she did this diligently, today, she has reaped the benefits by being 50 years old, yet looking like she is in her mid-30s. She wears no make-up and doesn’t dye her hair, yet has no gray hair.

So if you want to stay healthy, become healthier, both cayenne and alkaline water should be part of your daily life. Get your own alkaline water machine and start drinking for your health!

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