I am no economist, but it doesn’t take a wizard to see why life feels so stressful when one looks at the prices of things. In a casual perusing of the almanac, one realizes that though the average income was only $3,216 in the 1950s, gas was 20 cents a gallon, milk was 82 cents, and a house was only $14,500!

By 2007, the same house was $400,000 on the East or West Coast. That’s a 28 times increase in price! Gas prices also increased 20 times! And the income only increased about 10 times. Now throw in the higher tax sliding scale of the IRS plus inflation and you’re seriously in the hole. No wonder that a two-income family can’t make ends meet.

I’m afraid that 19th and 20th century Man has grossly failed in safeguarding family values, stewardship of his environment, and caring for his fellow human beings. These two centuries revolve around the buck ($$$) and “me”. Twentieth century man has raped, pillaged and plundered planet earth. Today we have depleted the soils because we didn’t bother to replenish the minerals and the carbon. The ocean has 6 times more plastic particles than plankton. We keep wondering why there is so much carbon dioxide and why we all feel so weak and tired, when on the other hand, we are pillaging the oxygen-producers of the planet.

Did you know that 90% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced NOT by the trees and grasses but by the plankton in the rivers, lakes, and oceans? The trees and grasses only produce 8% of Earth’s oxygen and the remaining 2% from the soil-based microorganisms.

An emergency is a condition that one failed to predict and prepare for. It is a no-brainer to predict that food prices and gasoline prices will continue to go up until a crisis is reached. In my last newsletter, I hinted at some educational sources for running your car on water. This is done firstly to reduce gasoline consumption and secondly to replace water for gas. For starters, you can go to www.freegasfreedom.com. This is an excellent website to learn the basics on what it takes to start saving gas, increasing mileage, and reducing pollution.

Did you know that there are 100s of people bringing their cars to a park in LA to show off the various gas saving equipment that they have built? They are quickly becoming a large community of sharing technology and teaching each other. They are caring for their fellow man at the same time as they are saving money and reducing the rate of pollution in our environment.

One of the problems I foresee is in the shipping industry due to the gas prices and the inability of the truckers to increase their prices to make a profitable livelihood. This will directly impact our produce and a lot of our other products, which normally get shipped an average of 1500 miles in this country. Produce and goods prices will be hit hard because of the increased prices of diesel. With diesel close to $5.00 per gallon, how long will it be before the prices of goods go up?  You can count on your vegetables, tomatoes and many other food items and goods skyrocketing in price. You can foresee this obvious upcoming emergency.  How can you be cause over this area and your family’s health?  Plant a garden!

21st Century Victory Gardens


Victory gardens, also called war gardens or food gardens for defense, were vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens planted at private residences in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom during World War I and World War II to reduce the pressure on the public food supply. In addition to indirectly aiding the war effort, these gardens were also considered a civil “morale booster”.

Juicy, yummy, and delicious morsels are just inches away

With Go Beyond Organic™ technologies, you can create a soil-based garden or a hydroponic garden which produces non-GMO, high-quality, high-nutrition, insect-free, and disease-free veggies.

For instance, vine-ripened tomatoes have 400% more nutrition than the commercial tomatoes, “picked white-green” and shipped 1500 miles. The same is true for all your lettuce, herbs and varieties of other vegetables. You don’t have to worry about salmonella or e. Coli issues from your own garden.

Don’t be fearful!  You can even grow cantaloupes and watermelons on a trellis in a small balcony. You can hang these heavy fruits with nylon stockings tied onto the trellis to support the fruits. One can make super-simple grow-boxes like the one below:

For slightly less than $400, you can get a whole year’s worth of Go Beyond Organic™ soil-amendments (fertilizers) for your plants which could also be used for hydroponics.

Go Beyond Organic Farming Technology

One of the key ingredients to my Go Beyond Organic Technology (when I consult organic farms) is the installation of an Earth Core water conditioner. This makes the water wetter and softer. Most importantly the Earth Core water conditioner prevents fungus and mildew from establishing on the farm. This is a very key action to ensure large fruits and disease-free operations. This is the exact same conditioner that is used in a 100% non-chlorine pool. So with a little smart plumbing, one can use the same water conditioner for the pool and the re-circulating fertilizer tank for the garden.

This conditioner is not generally recommended for balcony gardens because of cost. However, when one is growing a decent-sized garden then it makes sense to spend the money on the water conditioner in order to produce higher quality food with truly no fungus and mildew issues. In addition, using the water conditioner allows one to have greater penetration into the soil as well as making the fertilizer several hundred times more efficient.

An Example:

The normal application of seaweed as a fertilizer would be 1:40 (1 part seaweed to 40 parts water). When the water is conditioned with my Earth Core conditioner, one can use 1:1000 instead of 1:40.  When you are applying the above fertility program you can actually afford to feed and water more frequently, resulting in higher quality J. This is truly 21st century technology! The old NPK concept of “more is better” isn’t true — it has only produced high levels of pollution as well as high levels of pesticide-laden food L.

Now you will have access to non-GMO, super-nutritious food fresh from your garden.

At the moment, many governments are going a little “dingy” to say the least. This is an indication that the end of the old civilization is rapidly approaching. The new civilization has already started. Witness all the new inventions that are popping up, general public awareness regarding spirituality, politics, good food, and family values.

What can you do in these changing times?  Flourish and prosper, and place little energy in the doom and gloom that is expected. The only thing that counts is one’s ability to flourish and prosper in spite of it all. Go for it!

Call for more information about the Garden Program .  This includes 15-minutes of FREE phone consultation as part of the package that will you receive with your detailed instructions and 16 oz. bottle of Earth Essence to start growing the highly dense food crops you have always wanted.

Call to find out more about this wonderful program #727-447-2344

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