Using hydrogen peroxide & the Earth Core Water Conditioner you can swim or soak in a pool or spa that makes you feel revitalized from oxygenation, rather than tired from toxic chemicals!

This  unique system uses oxygen and the Earth Core water conditioner for a 100% Chlorine free pool or spa system.  It is VERY easy to maintain and non-toxic.

Salt systems are not chlorine free pool systems.

I’d like to clarify misleading information that others may have given you so you know the truth about salt systems.

Salt systems are really chlorine systems. Salt is sodium chloride and when you ionize it, it splits into sodium and chlorine. So,  a salt regeneration system is still a chlorine system. It’s a little bit better than a straight chlorine system, but one has to remember that chlorine, when combined with any organic compounds makes known or suspected carcinogens.

Hydrogen Peroxide or Ozone:

  • Increases the oxygen levels in your pool or spa
  • Makes algae less likely to grow in a putrefying manner
  • Makes blue green algae that grows invisible to the naked eye
  • **We recommend that you use sodium percarbonate powder.  It is much easier and safer to handle than hydrogen peroxide, and it becomes hydrogen peroxide when it touches water.

If you only use Sodium Percarbonate  or Hydrogen Peroxide without using the Earth Core Water Conditioner, your chemical costs will be 3 to 5 times more than chlorine, as the ozone or hydrogen peroxide will gas out of the water rapidly.

The addition of the Earth Core Water Conditioner stabilizes the water (without any chemicals), thus making hydrogen peroxide (or Sodium Percarbonate) a viable alternative to chlorination.

To create a 100% Chlorine Free Pool or Spa System, install a 3/4 inch Earth Core Water Conditioner ($1,599.00 + $35 S/H, plus FL tax if applicable) or a 1/2 inch Electro-Mechanical Water Conditioner for small pools or Spas ($1,299.00 + $35 S/H, plus FL tax if applicable). Then you add  sodium percarbonate, which we recommend because it is easier to handle than Hydrogen Peroxide.

When do you add more Sodium Percarbonate or Hydrogen Peroxide?  When you see patches of  green algae forming at the bottom of the pool. When you see this, the hydrogen peroxide is low. Use 2-4 pounds of sodium percarbonate  to SHOCK THE POOL. For maintenance, use 1-2 pounds of sodium percarbonate per week.

You may need to add more sodium percarbonate to your pool or spa during spring, due to large volumes of tree pollen. The pollen will consume the hydrogen peroxide and of course, you will also have to use more sodium percarbonate during the few weeks that the flowers are blooming.

During the winter, sodium percarbonate can be reduced to 2-4 pounds per month.  When you open the pool up for the first time after winter is over, it may be extremely green with algae.  If you want to save money and increase efficiency, you may use chlorine to kill off the algae and then vacuum the pool. Then, add sodium percarbonate or hydrogen peroxide to oxidize or “burn off” the chlorine before taking a dip in the pool or spa.  (These instructions are good for pools from 5,000-18,000 gallon sizes. For larger pools you will need to add more.) Call us for current sodium percarbonate pricing.

If  you want to increase your energy from a swim,

then this is the system for you!

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