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Let’s face it, cell phones are here for keeps. The phone industries are eliminating landlines and across the globe, everybody is going directly to cell phones. As the cell phones continue to advance in their capabilities from personal notepads to computers to entertainments, these advancements are seriously increasing the EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) in our atmosphere.

It doesn’t really matter whether one owns a Global Positioning tool or a cell phone. You are bathing in several million times higher EMF than you were 10 years ago.

Being the person who is constantly testing the negative and positive charge of waters, because I sell alkaline water machines, I have been noticing over the last couple of years how the acid water, which is normally charged up in the +750mV (1000 milliVolts = 1 Volt), is acting quite differently.

Ten years ago, this charge required that one refrigerated the acid water and the charge would only last 10 days. Some 7 years ago, we started to leave the acid water out on the counter and it would take several weeks to discharge.

A couple years ago, the charge now started to maintain itself for several months while sitting on the counter. And today, the charge not only maintains itself, but actually increases up into the +1069mV. What does this mean? Well, we are being blasted with close to a full volt of EMF 24/7!

I did a little research on the Internet to see what does the medical world, have in terms of statistics on EMF symptoms such as tumors, headaches, low energy, and of course, the increase of acidity in the human body.

Unfortunately, the history of cell phones is so short, that no one has focused on the side effects and so a cursory search does not reveal anything for now. However, one will find a few lawsuits where employees claim that cell phones caused them to have brain cancer. But there are no long-term statistical analysis that specifically focuses on cell phones, especially where people place it on their heads and strap it to their waist.

Like most people, I too own a cell phone. What I have done in this information vacuum is taken some very basic precautions. First of all, I do not wear my cell phone on my body. I always carry it in a briefcase or leave it on the car seat. I also use air tubes earphones so that the electromagnetic pulse does not directly shoot into my skull. The air tube removes the pulse several inches away from my head. I also have those little sticky things that are supposed to cancel out some of the EMF glued to my phone. But most importantly, I started to consume Nutrazon.

Nutrazon is the first anti-EMF solution that anyone can test and notice an IMMEDIATE improvement in body energy. Considering we are bathing in EMF 24/7, I try to take Nutrazon 3-4 times a day, and I can tell you for sure that I am much more cheerful, light hearted, less mind fogged and it also has significantly increased my flexibility and lessened some of my minor ache and pains in my right arm.

I highly recommend that all of us start monthly Auto Shipments of Nutrazon http://www.nutrazon.com/gobeyondorganic to protect ourselves.

Obviously, cell phones and it’s related technologies are not just not going away anytime soon, but will continue on its trend of increasing EMF in our environment. I would hope that someday soon that someone would develop super low EMF technologies for all cell phone, computers and other electronic devices.

In the mean time, you can go to http://team1wellness.com and check out the videos and do something definitive for yourself, family, and your friends.

I take EMF contamination very seriously. Keep in mind that when x-rays and radiation were first discovered. Nobody knew anything about how dangerous they could be and so, a decade or so later, after plenty of injuries occurred did safety concerns arise.

Considering that cell phones, global positioning equipments, iPods, etc., are being used by the billions, we had all better take precaution now and not pay the consequence and be a statistic years down the road.

Those who have lived through World War II, or the two depressions can all tell you that the people who live on a farm or had a garden grew their own food and survived well, while others struggled and starved. The growers survived well not only because they grew food, but also because they had a continuous crop of produce to TRADE for ANYTHING useful. Many smart ones had become quite wealthy when the whole ordeal was over.

Our soil has been badly depleted since the 1930s. With 50 years of heavy petro-chemical fertilization, which further acerbates the soils depletion. With conventional organic technology we cannot grow without the fungus and insects destroying our expected harvest.

A wise man once said there is no such thing as an emergency except for the failure to observe, predict, plan and EXECUTE!

Its time to realize that we had all better get smart and plan ahead, help each other and pool our resources. In a nutshell, the investors told me that they expect food prices to really go up because many big farmer will fail to get the needed loans!

They will be forced to not grow anything and THIS IS HOW AN ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY WILL BE CREATED, and many people will be hurt and caught with their pants down! And if their predictions are wrong we still have a garden that can provide us with higher quality food than we can buy from the market!

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