The wonders of modern technology have taken beautiful, wholesome and highly complex natural organic products and turned them into pure isolates with no support elements or any harmony with Mother Nature.

Lets take a good look at the highly nutritious sugar cane. A fantastically nutritious plant, and what do we do to it in America?

We introduce sulfur dioxide to the cane juice before evaporation. Then the raw sugar syrup is mixed with a heavy syrup and run through a centrifuge to take away the outer coating of the raw sugar crystals.

Phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide are then added to the juice, which then combine and absorb or trap impurities. Alternatively, carbon dioxide is used to achieve the same effect.

The resulting syrup is then filtered through a bed of activated carbon to remove molasses and then crystallized a number of times under vacuum. It is then further dried to produce the white refined sugar we buy in the store.

The dark brown liquid TRASH called molasses is full of nutrition and minerals. Molasses has all the enzymes, proteins, minerals, and a whole slew of other wonderful supportive materials and is sold off at four cents a gallon as animal feed and other industrial usages.

The white sugar is sold as a prized sweetener and believe it or not, much of it is sold to the plastic industry to harden plastics. (This is why electricians frequently find wiring gnawed by squirrels and other rodents because it is sweet.)

White sugar, white Stevia, vitamins, or white flour all share the common problem of having been striped of their supportive minerals, starches and other vital material which make up wholesome food. These are de-natured food and they become foods that now have detrimental value nutritionally.

Sugar cane, Stevia, fruits and vegetables, and wheat are nutritious products that are biologically very complex. They are multi-step biochemical interactions whose action is dependent upon a number of variables within the biological terrain of the body.

Whole foods such as sugar cane, wheat, or vitamin only show their true potential of life supporting activities when all co-factors and components of the entire plant or vitamin complex are present and working together.

Most bodies have been genetically programmed to seek out highly nutritious food, which happens to be sweet. This is why white sugar, which is pure, isolated, de-natured and totally lacking in minerals is a very bad thing because it fakes out the body, which keeps craving sugar in order to get the minerals it requires.

The body thinks that sweet has lots of minerals, enzymes, and proteins and guess what? There isn’t a drop of these supportive structures. So in the process of seeking more minerals, one ends up getting malnutrition and obesity.

Complex, wholesome, and natural

Lets take a close look at Vitamins. Ascorbic acid is NOT Vitamin C! Alpha tocopherol is NOT vitamin E! Retinoic acid is not vitamin A! And so on through the other vitamins. These are myths that vast sums of money and effort have created. If you have several college degrees and all this is news to you, don’t feel bad.

Just like raw cane sugar, which is full of nutrition becomes a total liability when it turns into white sugar, vitamins which normally come with sugars, starch, proteins, etc., etc., like any other whole foods. When you isolate them, they are exactly like white sugar. The body thinks it is good, but is desperate for all the support structures, so it strips it’s reserves of minerals and other needed items in order to properly “burn” or digest the vitamin so you can get maximum benefit.

Some vitamins are toxic to the body. A good example would be vitamin B-complexes. Have you ever noticed that many people who take B-complexes have adverse effects like nausea, vomiting, slight headaches, slight dizziness, immediately after consuming the vitamins? These are the symptoms that the body uses to communicate to the host that this isn’t good stuff. Obviously, nausea and vomiting are outright rejections of such material. Pay attention to what the body wants and you usually can make correct decisions.


If you want good health, remember “whole foods”. You want to eat whole foods. Not stripped, isolated and de-natured foods. You can assume that your certified organic whole foods and fish and meats that are clean and free of antibiotics and steroids are what you want to eat.

You should be able to get your vitamins from certified organic whole foods. Unfortunately, due to planetary degradation, even the very best certified organic foods often don’t have adequate amount of minerals, so one has to supplement by consuming products such as Winston’s Super Energy Booster to compensate for this unfortunate situation.

How would you like to create your own vitamins freshly each and every day just before you consume them?


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