In America, amongst health practitioners, it is common to believe that about 70+% of the population does not digest their food properly. Within this 70%, some have constipation, and others have diarrhea and some have both!

The blame is usually pointed at poor diet and lack of vegetables. But what I recently discovered is that the quality of the vegetables evidently also makes an extremely big issue on the subject of constipation and regulation of proper digestion.

First of all, the conventional medicine typically defines constipation as fewer than two or three bowel movements a week. But you should really be having one bowel movement a day, and preferably two or three. So if you are having anything less than one bowel movement a day, you should take steps to relieve your constipation.

And parents should most definitely ask their younger children as to how frequently they have a bowel movement as I have found many children, especially teenagers consider going to the bathroom once a week being normal and are told that it is normal, which of course is certainly is not!

What Can Cause Constipation

• Laxative abuse: If you take laxatives over a long period of time, you can become dependent on them. First you may require higher dosages to have a bowel movement, and eventually your intestine can fail to work properly.

• Hypothyroidism*: An underactive thyroid gland is a common cause of constipation

*An underactive thyroid gland

• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): This can cause spasms in your colon that slow the speed at which the contents of your intestine move through your digestive tract.

• Ignoring the urge to go: If you consistently ignore the urge to have a bowel movement, for instance to avoid using a public toilet, eventually you may stop feeling the urge.

Another one of the main causes of constipation is a poor diet — one that focuses on processed foods and sugar and lacks fresh vegetables that are good sources of fiber.

What I discovered with regards to constipation is drug related, drugs in the form of your typical pain killers and other pharmaceuticals, but also, in the form of conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. In other words, pesticides, herbicides, and typical petrochemical fertilizers. We discovered this because we had a worker who was having constipation problems who ate a fair amount of salads, yet still had constipation problems, which required laxatives. By eating our own homegrown salads, this condition corrected itself without any further necessity for laxative.

This in itself is a new discovery that not just eating non-organically grown food is loaded with pesticides, which accumulate in the body, but they also cause constipation, which further increases the accumulation of toxins! In addition to this, so many adults and teenagers alike eat a very high diet of bread, and other starches, which are mostly GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms as we can no longer call corn, wheat, and soy plants! For they are “organisms”!

Some people would recommend fiber-rich foods such as psyllium husk, which I don’t recommend because I feel that this is too rough a material. On the other hand, chia seeds, vegetables, etc. are phenomenal sources of good fiber. But remember, we want clean fiber to help us flush out the toxins. Not vegetables loaded with pesticides and herbacides.

What happens with frequent use of Laxatives

Americans spend three-quarters of a billion dollars every year on laxatives, according to the American Gastroenterological Association, which is not only a waste of money but a potentially harmful move.

One of the biggest risks of laxatives, especially stimulant laxatives, is that your body can become dependent on them for normal bowel function. When you stop using them, it takes a long time for the activity of your bowel to be restored.

This is true even of senna or cassia laxatives, which are frequently marketed as natural

These laxatives, when used for a period of weeks or months, may even decrease your colon’s natural ability to contract, which will worsen constipation. Further, overuse of laxatives can damage nerves, muscles and tissues of your large intestine.

So if you absolutely must use a laxative, make sure it is only for a very short-term period. And remember that laxatives do absolutely nothing to address the underlying causes of your constipation. But fortunately the natural tips in the next section do.

There are Many Ways to Relieving Constipation Naturally

If staying regular is a struggle, here are a few recommendations:

1. Take a high-quality probiotic, which has multi-families and multi species such as Inner Garden™. This helps to balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut, which is essential for proper digestive function. Probiotics are also useful in handling constipation as well as diarrhea for the microbes will balance the body in both directions.

2. Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods. Certified Organic Vegetables, or better yet, your own home grown vegetables are phenomenal sources of good and gentle fiber. As compaired with good and rough fibers like psyllium husk and flalex seeds.

3. Try squatting. This is the best, natural position to help expel stool from your colon and reduce your risk of hemorrhoids, and it’s still the way many people around the world go to the bathroom. In your home, you can get many of the same benefits by placing a stool near your toilet to raise your knees, purchasing a special squatting device to modify your toilet, or simply squatting on your own toilet.

4. Exercise regularly. This helps stimulate circulation and parastilsis intestinal function, causing your bowels to move properly.

5. Aloe vera and magnesium supplements can also be useful tools to speed up your bowel movements.

6. Get checked for hypothyroidism, especially if you’re a woman over 40. Constipation is one of the hidden symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Our elimination system is a very critical one. When you feel an urge to go the bathroom, you should do so. Too many of us workaholics simply push it off to later. And the urge also disappears. If you do not eliminate when you should, then your body simply continues to extract more water out of each bowel movement, thus creating harder stools, which wow increases the possibility of tearing tissue, accumulating more concentrated forms of acides in the colon areas, and many, many more illnesses that can be totally illiminated had you gone to the bathroom when you had the innitial urge.

What is old age? Skin starting to be less elastic, poorer blood circulation, less energy, and less flexibility. And what do all of these have in common? Over acidity and the accumulation of waste products that are not properly disposed of. So if you do not want to age fast and you want to retain your youthfullness, make sure that you are not constipated, drink lots of water, and most importantly, in our fast paced computer age, avoid the fast foods, the sodas, the coffees, and to compensate for all the electronic pollution which are all highly positive in charge which further makes us more acid, we need to drink alkaline water and supplement ourselves with alkaline diet and Nutrazon™ which actually counters the cell phone frequencies.

For more information on alkaline water and Nutrazon™, please contact me.

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