As we approach the Dawn of the New Millennium, the unfortunate pot of turmoil seems to be madly boiling over. Global economic collapse and all of Europe having lost their sovereignty to the European Union seems all to be doom and gloom. But this isn’t exactly true. One piece of good news that indicates all is not going as planned is the subject of Genetic Engineering and the European Union.

Of course, it is no surprise that food safety experts from the European Union have given the green light to Monsanto’s MON810 corn, (the only Genetically Modified corn approved in Europe). However, France and Greece have banned its cultivation on their soil and so has Austria and Hungary. Good for them!

While the United States is still feeding 80 to 90% Genetically Engineered food to it’s population, Europe is still putting up a good fight in not letting GMOs into their daily dietary food supply.

I cannot stress how important it is to eat certified organic food, as it is the only way to avoid eating “Funny Proteins” and “Funny Starches”. As you might remember, these are proteins and starches created by Genetic Engineering that have never, ever been seen on Planet Earth before.

In addition, by consuming Certified Organic Food, and / or growing your own food, hopefully, you will be able to avoid the other cancer causing chemicals that are common on foods such as pesticides, herbicides, and of course, the petrochemical fertilizers. Don’t forget about food irradiation, altered environments [carbon monoxide treatment of meats to make them look red even if they are spoiled], and of course, other unnatural processes that the food industry gets into like gassing bananas and fruits, etc.

There are a lot of things that one avoids by simply switching to Certified Organic Food or growing one’s own food. This country does not have the highest heart disease and cancer rate on the planet for no reason. It is created by those who make money via the sick and slowly dying. The apathy in our society is so great that too many people are unwilling to confront the fact that their food is unsuitable for consumption. Even more unconfrontable is the fact that good Certified Organic Food definitely costs more. So, the average guys do nothing and then whine when they get heart disease and cancer.

This is why I have been pushing for everyone to spend a bit more money on certified organic food and / or growing their own food so that they don’t become another statistic.

On the subject of potable water, I have talked a lot about the ills of fluoride. But what has been lost in all the noise is the chloramines. Chloramines cost 60 times more than just pure chlorine and chloramines only work 1/200 as well as chlorine! What you see is that every 3 months or so, the city will announce that they are going back to using chlorine to flush out their pipes to clean out the algae and other unwanted contaminations before going back to the chloramines.

If this all reads quite illogical, that’s because it is!

Chloramines: (Chlorine that is bonded with ammonia) Not safe for fish and other marine animals. But, safe for humans… except for kidney dialysis patients.

Does the above statement sound true and logical? Of course not!

Fact. Carbon granules do not remove chloramines efficiently.

Carbon block filters will reduce a single chloramine. Note singular not plural. They are referring to monochloramine.

The city attempts to make monochloramine. What does that mean? Well, it means that they make other forms of chloramines such as dichloramine and trichloramine. Of course, the city will never admit making such materials as these are truly toxic.

Because chloramines are much more stable than chlorine, they render standard sized carbon filters (1-2 pounds) quite useless in the removal of chloramines.

The bottom line is that if you really want good clean water, you need to get a fluoride removal system that can address all the heavy metals, fluoride, chloramines, and chlorine byproducts.

Most filters on the market generally weigh 1 to 2 pounds in size and some may have 2 or 3 filters them. My Deluxe Double Tank Under the Sink Fluoride Removal System weighs 40 pounds (dry weight).

When it comes to removal of toxic materials from water, it is important to have the right material to remove it with, but shear volume is also absolutely necessary so that there is adequate contact time for the water to actually be processed.

So if you want truly clean water where you can do a water analysis and know that the fluoride will be non-detectable, call me! Do the best thing that you can do for yourself and your family’s health.

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