How fresh is the produce in your supermarket?  When you consider that the produce has to be harvested by the farmer, then travel to a middle man, then possibly to another middle man, then to a refrigerated supermarket warehouse, then  finally to your grocery store, you realize that the expensive produce that you spent good money for is probably at least 1-2 weeks old.  Compare this to walking out into your garden and harvesting a sweet ripe tomato or sugar snap peas that are mouth wateringly sweet and bursting with nutrition.

Usually people don’t make a change until their wallet is hit hard. Since the economy has worsened, people have responded by reducing spending and overall consumption.  Prices have been going up,  especially at the grocery store. I have been growing food in my backyard for many years and have helped many people along the way to discover just how simple it can be to drastically lower their food bill.

A couple of things that make a difference for me and my family is growing our own food, being a part of our local food coop and buying in bulk where we can.  This is how we can afford to always buy organic, free-range, grassfed meat and eggs.  My wife also hunts for coupons both in print and online to save us money on the remainder of the items that we buy from the grocery store.

To grow your own food all you need is some soil, composted cow manure, some kitchen compost, a water source, organic fertilizer, and a little bit of time. A packet of seeds can be very inexpensive. It is always best to buy heirloom, non-hybrid seeds or plants, and then save the seeds for next year.

Your own home-grown food will taste better, improve your family’s health, and give your family the joys of harvest.  Many kids who dislike vegetables will eat their home-grown harvest readily.  Vitamin content in home-grown food is much higher than anything you buy at the store.

Eating organic food helps to avoid the unwanted consumption of chemicals that you cannot wash off, which creates free radical stress within the body.  Planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting is a great outdoor exercise for the whole family. It can reduce stress, clear the mind, and give you and your family the fresh air and sunshine for overall good health. Gardening is a good time to enhance familial relationships and to foster responsibility.

You can  save money by freezing your harvest, or by drying it with a food deydrator and storing it in a vaccum sealed bag. There are many ways to preserve your harvest to enjoy it in the off-season.  The process is fun and you feel the satisfaction when you eat your home-grown vegetables later in the season.

Even if you don’t have a backyard, container gardening is just as productive. You will be amazed at how many tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and more you can grow in one or two large pots.  Another great resource is your local community garden. You can find one by visiting  If you are interested in finding out more about your local food co op visit  If you are ready to grow truly nutritious dense food, I have written two new Ebooks packed full of information that will give you the richest harvest you could imagine.

Fresh food from your own garden is the best food for your health and your bottom line!

We have a new Ebook to share with you!

Once upon a time there was a man. This man was an expert in the field of growing amazing, nutrient dense food. This food had the propensity to save the world, to bring about a higher form of consciousness, and taste amazing. This man, this world saver, this grower of gold, has a name: Winston Kao.


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