Dr. Royal Lee (1895-1967) is the father of modern natural vitamins. You wouldn’t find him in Who’s Who nor would he be cited as an authority in any established scientific publication. You will find websites who published FDA attacks against this honest hard working genius, forwarding lies used to destroy this man’s name, etc. Never do they mention the fact that the vitamins created by Dr. Lee sold through his company Standard Process, are still the best vitamins on planet Earth today.

Many of us inventors think that FACT and TRUTH have value in this crazy world that we live in. But the reality is that facts and truths are usually fought by tooth and nail by the vested interest powers.

One of the most dangerous deceptions that you have to be aware of is that these vested interest people place money above principles. They pass off phony crystalline-pure fractions of vitamin complexes – synthetic vitamins on the gullible public, and tell people that the “body does not know the difference between synthetic and natural”. (Which is definitely false)

For the layman, one must equate synthetics = pharmaceutical drug and that these synthetics are counterfeit supplements that can seriously impair the most important body functions by contributing to biochemical imbalances.

Paraphrasing Dr. Lee with regards to vitamins, “Natural complexes differ from the synthetic, crystalline vitamins in many ways.” For example: Natural complexes are colloidal – protein in nature, in the form of an enzyme or co-enzyme.

The crystalline vitamin itself, in the natural product is in a critical combination and cannot be split off without destroying its biological activity. If separated, it must recombine with the other members of the complex before it can function as a nutrient.

The natural complex carries trace mineral activators without which the vitamin fails as a biochemical catalyst.

If the so called, “HIGH POTENCY” crystalline vitamins are ingested, they must be put into proper combination as a complex before the vitamin function can be appreciated. Meanwhile, most (if not all) of the crystalline components are lost through the kidney.

Dr. Lee wrote that synthetic vitamins seem to be dangerous. This has proven to be true, though he lacked the equipment to test his theories at the time. Irradiated ergosterol (D2), the first synthetic vitamin to be widely marketed, is now known to be extremely dangerous. It poisoned children in doses smaller than those recommended for treatment of rickets. (JAMA, p. 1209, April 1926). Later, in March 17th 1958, Dr. Howard H. Hilleman, M. A., Ph.D., stated “excess vitamin D in the newborn and young can cause death with metastatic calcification and the SYNTHETIC FORMS are more dangerous than the natural forms of D.”

Augmenting the story, Dr. Weston A. Price, in his book “Nutrition in Physical Degeneration,” reports the test effects of vitamin D in 500 human pregnancy cases. All those women given the synthetic D developed calcified and diseased kidneys while those given natural vitamin D had no observable changes in the kidneys. This should not be surprising in that Dr. Casimier Funk who discovered the method of concentrating Vitamin B, said, “the synthetic product is less effective and MORE TOXIC.” Dr. Funk, incidentally, is the scientist who coined the word, “VITAMINE”.

As I had mentioned in previous articles, synthetic vitamins are MIRROR IMAGES of natural vitamins. This is where I mentioned d- stand for Dexter in Latin meaning right hand turn and l- stands for Laborious meaning, left hand turn. This is what is written on the vitamin bottles, so when you see l-tocopherol as an example, you know it’s the mirror image of the real thing.

However, keep in mind that synthetic vitamins are not vitamins at all but synthesized FRACTIONS of a vitamin complex… a mirror image duplicate of just a PORTION of the real, biologically active and physiologically precise nutritional complex. There is no possible way that a fraction of a vitamin can be called a vitamin. The analogy here is essentially the same as an automobile salesman handing you a symbol like a Mercedes-Benz hood ornament and telling you that this symbol IS the whole automobile.

Because the synthetic vitamin actually has it’s structure reversed, a left-handed molecule cannot take part in the chemical reactions meant for a right-handed molecule any more than a left hand can fit in a right-handed glove. It’s odd geometry would prevent it from being metabolized by the body “correctly”.

Synthetic vitamin fractions can only be utilized for a drug or a pharmacological effect. As it is well known and never denied, the effect of a drug is PALLIATIVE not curative. Palliation means a masking or covering over of symptoms while the disease process remains unchanged or progressively gets worse for lack of proper attention. Tissue and cell repair or replacements require each and every day in the body, the following:

1. A constant uninterrupted nerve impulse supply.

2. A constant uninterrupted blood supply.

3. All the VITAMINS in the natural complex form.

4. All the minerals in the organic form in most instances.

5. All the minerals

6. All the trace elements essential to metabolism

7. All of the enzymes, co-enzymes and other enzymes that must be present for an enzyme to function.

Continuing with some of the abundant evidence against counterfeit food supplements, a report from the Korean conflict is enlightening. A medical columnist writing in a Pennsylvania newspaper told of his experience as the medical officer in a North Korean prisoner-of-war camp. He said his fellow prisoners were becoming totally debilitated with the classical B1 deficiency disease, beriberi. From the International Red Cross he obtained synthetic B1 in the form of thiamine hydrochloride. He administered the thiamine HCL to the most ill prisoners but no change was seen as they continued to worsen. Finally, he procured some rice polish that is a natural source of the vitamin B complex. Rationing this rice polish out to the very ill POWs did the trick and their beriberi symptoms abated. Obviously, the body does know the difference. Incidentally, another form of the synthetic B1 is called thiamine mononitrate.

In January 1952, Dr. Lee announced: “I could write volumes on how synthetic vitamins like thiamine castrate the descendants of the victim who uses even as much as double the daily requirement.”


In the next issue, I will be discussing how vital B-Complexes are and what they consist of and how to obtain good natural forms of B-complex, avoiding the toxic synthetic vitamins.


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