The American Meat Institute has petitioned the USDA to call the proposed radiation of the surface of chilled beef carcasses a “processing aid” rather than the current “antimicrobial food additive.” This classification shift would allow the use of irradiation without labeling. Currently, the agency requires that meat or poultry treated with radiation bear the “radura” logo along with the statement “Treated with radiation” or “Treated by irradiation.” Dr. Urvashi Rangan of the Consumers Union believes that “consumers have the right to know if their meat is irradiated at any stage of its processing.” The petition was reviewed at a September hearing, and a decision is pending.

Back in the 50s and 60s, everybody knew once the atomic bomb explodes, all the food gets contaminated with radiation. Now, add that information to microwave ovens, which basically turns all food from a natural right hand spin (DNA or actual carbon chains) to a left hand spin which is typical with all synthetics, toxic foods such as soy. Why would anybody in their right mind want to eat anything that has been radiated is beyond me. There are many other methods to preserve food such as nitrogen processing. These packages are devoid of oxygen so the food can stay fresh on the shelves for 10+ years.

Like GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), the powers to be flat out refuse to allow labeling in this country while 60 other countries most definitely label all GMOs as GMOs. It is my opinion that we should definitely not allow food to be radiated without labeling, and eventually work towards not permitting any food to be irradiated.

Organic Lab May Fold

Weeds are the greatest challenge for organic farmers, and now that the 2008 Farm Bill puts pressure on the USDA to commit itself to organic research, the agency’s Agricultural Research Service ironically responded by announcing plants to eliminate its only lab in the Midwest that investigates solutions to week problems in organic systems. The research unit in Urbana, Illinois, is one of the very few USDA labs working on organics, and probably the only one working on weeds. Check out some of the past research done there at

Winston’s Comment:

Data on weeds shows there are specifically designed by Mother Nature to extract the specific missing element from the soil in order to create fertile soil. Therefore weeds are the key to soil fertility. They are not pests in any shape or form. They need to be understood and utilized. I never allow my organic farmers to remove the weeds from their land. I insist upon very shallow plowing, less than 2 inches, so that the weeds remain on the top surface slightly and with the addition of soil-based microorganisms or my Inner Garden™, these will rapidly compost back into the ground to supplement the missing element(s). So you see, weeds are vital to the soil fertility, not pests on the farm!

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