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Losing Your Hair, Gaining Fat, & Losing Your Pep? Don’t Blame It on Old Age! Find out What May Be Causing It!

Have you ever wondered why so many men (and recently women) have been losing their hair? Have you wondered why as you get older, you seem to gain more girth and have more trouble taking it off? Do you wonder why you seem to be tired all the time, even after a good night’s sleep, or why you seem to be having sleep trouble? Do you sometimes have trouble focusing on a thought or feel “muddle- headed?” Contrary to what the medical society promotes that these are all disrelated symptoms to be handled separately with different drugs, all these may in fact be related and not difficult to correct. The key is in understanding the human body as a whole interrelated unit. When one thing is out of balance, it throws other, seemingly disrelated things out of balance. This is why drinking the wrong water is so bad. (See my article “Are You Drinking the Wrong Water?” for more info ) Water is a fundamental that creates good health or bad health, because it dictates how the internal environment will be, based on the ability or inability for the cells to communicate, take in nutrition, and throw off acid wastes.

When you change the fundamental things in the body, you either get great success in a very short time (when you improve your diet and habits) or you get a slow health decline. If you don’t provide your body with the fundamental things it requires, then a deficiency occurs, which leads to an imbalance. Then it seems that you wake up one morning and your health is terrible, and you don’t know what happened.

Loss in Fertility? Why?

You may have been aware that 85 to 90% of the teenagers in America are practicing free sex without protection or contraception, yet there is a steady 10% annual decline in teen pregnancy. While sex education in school may contribute to this decline, according to some doctors, we are having a problem with infertility. 25% of the teenagers are sterile and 30 to 40 % of them are infertile (occasionally fertile) which means that the remaining 35% has to match up with other fertile teens in order to conceive. Of course this does not frequently happen, hence the low teen pregnancy rate.

Thirty years ago most of us did not know what a fertility clinic was. Today, the married people in their 30’s and 40’s, who are infertile and want kids and also have an excess $10 to $24,000.00 are supporting hundreds of fertility clinics across our nation. Though they only promote a 12 to 18% success rate, and the fees are so exorbitant, many couples feel it is a small price to pay to have offspring. What they don’t realize, is that most egg donors as well as the egg receiver end up with ovarian cancer in 10-20 years as a result of the infertility treatments, due to the hormone shots they must both take. These are all bad indicators regarding the hormonal health of our nation.

Hormone Pollution :
What is causing these hormonal imbalances? Birth control pills: Once a woman has taken birth control pills for two weeks or longer, her hormonal levels are forever changed for herself and her subsequent children

Consumption of commercially raised beef and chicken and farm-raised fish, which contains antibiotics and steroids (estrogen mimicking material)

Plastics: Plastic jugs used for drinking water and milk, saran wrap (and when you microwave food covered with this, you get a thousand times even more plastic poisoning and a nuclear blast of female estrogen mimicking materials) plastic utensils, plastic dishes, paper dishes coated with plastic, Styrofoam containers for hot foods, especially when food goes from a hot Wok or microwave straight into the Styrofoam if you do a close inspection you can actually holes and pits and Styrofoam melting! What about hot coffee in our typical Styrofoam cups or soft plastic cups?

Pesticides and herbicides on our commercially grown fruits and vegetables and the grains that beef and chickens eat. Note: today pesticides are intrinsic (meaning inside) the plant. Therefore, you cannot wash them off. Pesticides and herbicides mimic estrogen and are known or suspected carcinogens. In Mexico where farming applies heavy aerial sprays for pesticides and herbicides the cancer rates are astronomical; many reports exist on this subject.

Baby soy formula: When you feed a baby soy infant formula, you are giving them the equivalent of 5-7 birth control pills per day!

The almost constant consumption of soy and soy products (in almost all commercially prepared food), soy oil, soy milk, tofu, salad dressings, protein powders, fried foods, pastries and dough, mayonnaise, facial creams, bread, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, emulsifiers, food thickening agents, vitamins made from soybean, gel caps, protein powders, pizza crust, fast food, restaurant food, etc.).

Ground water contamination through the urine of women on birth control pills or HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy), as well as industrial chemicals. You may have heard several years back in the Midwest they found multi-legged frogs. The scientists initially blamed the textile industry estrogen mimicking toxic waste. However they could not duplicate multi legged frogs with the said suspect chemical, but they were successful when they used potable (drinking) water that had been reprocessed from city reclaimed water. In other words, the sewage processing plants do not destroy the drugs and many chemicals that get poured down the sewer lines. The cleaned up water which is returned to the rivers and underground water table is actually contaminated with various psychiatric drugs, birth control pills, the various medical drugs and industrial waste.

Teflon (Ammonium Perfluorooctanoate a.k.a. C-8) has been linked to cancer, organ damage and other health effects. Though not an estrogen it is certainly something to be very aware of and to avoid at all cost. Teflon chemical formula -(CF2CF2)- C: carbon F: fluoride. In 2 to 5 minutes on a conventional stovetop, cookware coated with Teflon and other nonstick surfaces can exceed temperatures at which the coating breaks apart and emits toxic particles and gases linked to hundreds and perhaps thousands, of pet bird deaths and unknown number of human illness each year, according to tests commissioned by Environmental Working Group (EWG).

“In retrospect, this may seem one of the biggest, if not the biggest, mistake the chemical industry has ever made,” said Jane Houlihan, VP for research at the EWG. “And how could they not be in our blood?” Houlihan said. “They’re in such a huge range of consumer products. We are talking about Teflon, Stainmaster, Gore-tex,(GORE-TEX® fabric is wearable weather protection) Silverstone. So if you buy clothing that’s coated with Teflon or something else that protects it from dirt and stains, those chemicals can absorb directly through the skin. According to the EPA, some of the highest C-8 levels were found in children. (See

What do all these things (that cause hormone imbalances) have in common? They mimic estrogen. But wait, you say, estrogen is supposed to be good for women! This is all false data. We have too much estrogen-mimicking things in our environment, as you can see by the above list. This excess estrogen in our diet and in our environment is causing our men and boys to get man-boobs, and to become Buddha- like, while losing their hair and their sex drive. It is causing women to have PMS, hot flashes, mood swings, breast cancer, and menstrual difficulties. It is causing us to have cancer and infertility.

What To Do? The Solution:

1. Eat lots of beef, chicken, lamb, pork that is naturally grown on pastures without grain, soy and most importantly no GMO corn, soy, antibiotics, steroids and hormones. Chicken, Pork and Beef are basically not fed the correct food nature intended them to eat in America. Chickens are birds – They should eat 70% insect type protein and 30% vegetables, grasses, and grains. Commercial chickens are fed GMO (genetically modified organisms) corn, soy and steroids (a type of estrogen), antibiotics (primarily used to fatten the chickens and secondarily to prevent disease because of confinement, lack of sun and constant fecal matter that they walk in).

Cattle are suppose to be eating grass, but modern technology has bred the cows to eat highly acid forming grain. And of course to make matters worse, they feed them GMO corn, soy, antibiotics and steroids. Farm raised fish eat grain and antibiotics and hormones. This upsets all of the animals’ hormone levels, so that they do not provide the same nutrients to us when we eat them as if they were in the wild. How could you expect to get healthy from eating sick, imbalanced animals and fish?

2. Eat the ONLY soy that can be consumed with health benefit: Soy sauce, Miso, Natto, & Tempeh, as well as other heavily fermented soy products, which most Westerners will not eat. This does NOT include soy milk, soy oil, hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed vegetable oil, vitamins made from a soy base, lecithin (99% is made from soy) and soy protein powder.

3. You (Men and Women) can use a bio-identical progesterone cream to balance out the excess estrogen. You can find this at any health food store, or through our friend, Sindi, owner of Nature’s Botanicals, (Her progesterone cream base is a very high quality coconut oil, unlike other brands.) Go to her website for more information. As a side note: I and a couple of my male friends have used progesterone cream when we were losing our hair, and it grew it back.

4. What bodybuilders use to counteract the effects of steroids (which turn into excess estrogen) is a natural supplement called 6-OXO, an estrogen blocker. The cheapest source for it is It is not ever to be taken by women, as it totally blocks estrogen uptake in the body and naturally increases the manufacture of testosterone.

I caution you to take a saliva test (available from Nature’s Botanicals) before you do anything, as you don’t want to create a worse problem. Call me at (727) 447-2344 with any successes.

Water Warning: More on Fluoride:

Declassified documents obtained by Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson : “Fluoride was the key chemical in atomic bomb production, according to the documents. Massive quantities of fluoride– millions of tons– were essential for the manufacture of bomb- grade uranium and plutonium for nuclear weapons throughout the Cold War. One of the most toxic chemicals known, fluoride rapidly emerged as the leading chemical health hazard of the U.S atomic bomb program–both for workers and for nearby communities, the documents reveal.” They also showed that there was a clear conflict of interest between dealing with the high toxicity of the fluorine by products of production and the wish of the government to give a “clean bill of health to fluoridation projects as the following selection of quotes from “Waste-not#414″ ( show:

” Much of the original proof that fluoride is safe for humans in low doses was generated by A-bomb program scientists, who had been secretly ordered to provide “evidence useful in litigation” against defense contractors for fluoride injury to citizens. The first lawsuits against the U.S. A-bomb program were not over radiation, but over fluoride damage, the documents show.”

Fluoride can come to you via fluoridation of your water, on the surface of your cooking pans, in anti- depressant drugs such as Prozac Generic name (Fluoxetine), 99% of the toothpaste and weather and dirt resistant fabrics and carpets.

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