For the last 25 years, the medical industry has been actively engaging in an all out black propaganda campaign against all of the high quality oils such as butter, animal fats, and coconut oil. These are the good, high-density oils that create good health.

At the turn of the 20th century (1900) we had 3% heart disease and 1 in 200 cancer rates. Everyone ate pasture fed animal fats in large quantity and enjoyed raging good health and abundant vitality. By the end of the 1930-1940s, the American Medical Association started to create more profits by increasing disease, under the guise of health.

In order to increase profits on cheap oils, someone has gotten “the bright idea” to create biodiesel. Burn everything! Use up the corn and wheat to make biodiesel. With this move, they have efficiently increased the price of corn by 44% and wheat by 92%. But that wasn’t good enough, now they are attacking one of the most nutritious oils on the planet- coconut oil. What are they doing? Buying up all the coconuts in the Philippines and Indonesia and turning it into biodiesel! Can you imagine that, taking the most nutritious oil to burn in your car, rather than using it in all of our commercial products!

It isn’t enough to “educate” us into becoming nutritional idiots so that we are riddled with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia; they now are trying to make the cheap oils extremely expensive by burning them in car engines. Biodiesel’s true purpose is to remove nutrition and anything that promotes health.

Biofuels are a “Crime Against Humanity”

There is a Bill that provides a $2.2 billion subsidy for biofuels and requires that all gasoline include 5% biofuel content by 2010. Yet there is increasing evidence to show that the rush to biofuels will do more environmental harm than good. Converting food crops to fuel, causing food prices to skyrocket out of reach of millions of hungry people, is a “crime against humanity, says United Nations Special Reporter on the Right to Food, Jean Ziegler. Bill C-33 is coming up for 3rd and final reading.

Drugged Water

For decades, water testing has focused on the presence of herbicides, lead, mercury and PCBs in our drinking water. But there are other chemicals that are showing up in our water that should be cause for concern. A five-month investigation by the Associated Press has revealed a cornucopia of pharmaceuticals, from sex hormones to anti-cholesterol to tranquilizers, in the drinking water of 24 metropolitan areas from one end of the country to the other. Not only that, but 35 of the 62 watersheds supplying the major providers were tested, and drug residues were detected in 28. Rural areas are not exempt either: water sampled downstream of a Nebraska feedlot, for example, had steroid levels four times higher as the water tested upstream.

According to the EPA, there are no water treatment systems designed to remove pharmaceuticals, and many drugs such as anti-cholesterol, anti-depressant, and anti-epileptic medications are treatment resistant. There is evidence to suggest that chlorine, the conventional cure-all, makes some drugs even more toxic. With Americans taking prescription and non-prescription drugs in record numbers, the situation is certainly not improving.

Prozac, also known as fluoxetine (the pharmaceutical name for fluoride), causes akathisia, defined as an extreme feeling of inner restlessness. This condition is caused by anti-psychotic drugs and is recognized as leading to suicidal and homicidal-suicidal feelings.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid is the exact chemical name for the fluoride that is placed into our drinking water. The maximum “contamination” level and the “recommended” dose for fluoridation both happen to be 4 ppm (4 parts per million). Interestingly, a pediatrician is prohibited from giving any child under the age of 6 months ANY fluoride, as it is too toxic. Yet we see extra fluoride added to bottled water for infants and, of course, they place it in our drinking water for all to consume.

This mad, mass medication, fortunately, can be removed with my newest fluoride removal systems. I have two systems available, which also remove other pollutants such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and chloramines from your household water. Both, the Deluxe Whole House Filter System and the Deluxe Under the Kitchen Sink Filter can be tested by an outside 3rd party lab to show fluoride at non-detectable levels.

Debra Lynn Dadd, leading “Green” author and origin of Debra’s List, a resource for green and natural products, have endorsed our water filters. Her website is If you click on the Debra’s list link and search the water page, you can see what she has to say about my water systems. In the midst of all this madness, there is a spark of hope with a real solution.

Global Warming: A Dangerous Political Agenda

GLOBAL POLLUTION and the “greenhouse gases” are currently a BIG issue worldwide. Every government in the world is focused on the “global warming” issue. In truth, we are the polluters of the planet as we should not be producing such large quantities of CO2 emissions.

Historically, we have been conquerors, rather than stewards, and the time has come to take some responsibility for the pollution that we have created before the planet degrades any further. Though the worldwide focus is on greenhouse gases (CO2), we have other much more important issues to address such as the proper disposition of plastic, discovering a method to neutralize hot radioactive nuclear waste, finding a proper method to handle highly toxic air pollution, and proper handling of many hundreds of thousands of toxic chemicals.

Plastic Pollution, the real Global Pollution

This is a poor quality film but good data on how plastic does not breakdown and that there are corn and soy plastics that do break down.

Special interest groups are using carbon dioxide to create a “political agenda” to further tax and suppress the people. There is a plan to heavily tax any countries that emit “excessive” CO2 gases. Big money, heavy embargo laws, and domination are the desired results sought under the name of Global Warming and Green House Gases- CO2. The truth is that it has not been proven that CO2 causes the temperatures to rise. [It is caused from sunspots and storms as these are truly powerful and have cyclic reoccurrence.] Scientists and climatologists are speaking out and telling us that our planet is going through a NATURAL warming phase and cooling phases. It is expected that we will be entering a cooling phase very soon that will level off the warm weather.

Why is Greenland called Greenland when it is a blanket of snow today? Did you know it was green and grew vineyards during the Middle Ages? These vineyards still exist under the snow.

Despite all the scientific proof that exists, if you disagree with the current ideology regarding the cause of Global Warming, you are a heretic! If you are a scientist and you dare to dissent, you lose your funding or you lose your job.

While the main stream media is trying to scare you to death, how about a breath of the fresh air of truth! Ice cores prove that 1000 years ago there was a Medieval Warm period that was 5-6 degrees hotter than our present time. 140 years ago, we had a little ice age – the coldest point was in 1875.

Why does Al Gore’s and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s climate charts show that the 20th century is the only warm period in history? Why are their charts leaving out the highs and lows of climatic temperature changes showing that warming is a part of the cyclical normal global climate?

If you would like to see what climatologists are saying about Global Warming, take a look and decide for yourself!

CBC – Global Warming Doomsday Called off

As an inventor, I have been aware of the existence of free and clean energy that has existed since the late 1920s. Clean energy, such as water burning cars and engines, solar voltaic electricity, wind and wave power generators…etc. exists and should be commonly used. We should be focusing on getting these technologies unsuppressed and developed for mass use!

The oil companies have kept us in their stranglehold for too long. Alcohol, water, and other non-toxic bio fuels have existed for almost a century, but the oil companies have managed to suppress them all during the last 80 years. With the Internet, many of these lost technologies are surfacing.

A new civilization (the Age of Aquarius) of freethinking environmental stewards of health and freedom is rising. While we remain vigilant of the need to protect our freedoms from the old civilization, we should also be actively contributing to the new civilization and adopting its ways.

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