To begin with, Harvard Medical School said that capsaicin (just one of the active ingredients in hot peppers) “could have implications for diabetes prevention and management.”

In addition, a research team at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children found that capsaicin injected into diabetic animals caused their diabetes to disappear “virtually overnight.”

This is big news, because a researcher at Harvard, Dr. Goodarz Danaei, did a study showing that raised blood sugar levels are responsible for over three million world-wide deaths a year. These deaths can be prevented.

Furthermore, researcher Dennis J. Selko, MD, also from Harvard, has connected high blood sugar to Alzheimer’s. In fact, some scientists now call Alzheimer’s a kind of ‘Type 3 Diabetes.’ So that should be motivation for everyone to get their sugar under control.

The main thing for you: discover HOW to use hot peppers in various ways at home, to help the complications blood sugar problems can cause. Get Curing with Cayenne today. Go to the end of this article.

from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute

“Capsaicin in hot peppers makes tumor cells commit suicide”

Good news for readers concerned about many common cancers, including cancer of the breast and prostate.

Teams of scientists from all over the world have repeatedly confirmed—in experiment after experiment, that capsaicin, the active chemical in hot peppers, triggers a death process in at least 8 different types of cancer.

It’s a death sequence that results in…cellular suicide.

The prestigious Journal of the National Cancer Institute boldly said on Sept 4, 2002: “More than spice: Capsaicin in Hot Chili Peppers Makes Tumor Cells Commit Suicide,” by scientist Young-Joon Surh, Ph.D.

And a research team from the famous Nottingham University in England, whose faculty has won two Nobel-Prizes in the last five years, has discovered this in 2007: capsaicin in hot peppers turns off a cancer cell’s ability to produce energy—then the cancer cell kills itself, without harming healthy surrounding cells.

The leader of the team, Timothy Bates, Ph.D., said, “As these compounds attack the very heart of the tumour cells, we believe that we have in effect discovered a fundamental ‘Achilles heel’ for all cancers.” Dr. Bates said his research is “…likely to be extremely significant in man’s fight against cancer.”

Furthermore, medical researchers at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles tested capsaicin against therapy-resistant prostate cancer tumors in animals and observed a 79% reduction in tumor size. Said Soren Lehmann, M.D., “The tumors shrank, while in the non-treated, they just grow.” Doctors are so excited, they want to do clinical trials.

Then there’s a medical study just released this year regarding capsaicin and breast cancer cells, which said, “Capsaicin…a potential role in the treatment and prevention of human breast cancer.” — from the UCLA School of Medicine.

I found a recent report from a journal called Experimental and Molecular Medicine which got me excited. It said, “Capsaicin administration should be considered an effective approach for the suppression of invasion and metastasis in malignant melanoma.”

So far, researchers have observed this capsaicin-triggered suicide-effect in cancer cells of the prostate, breast, lung, pancreas, (skin) melanoma, (blood) leukemia, colon & brain. —But you don’t have to wait a decade for clinical trials. Learn now, in Curing with Cayenne, what anyone concerned with cancer should not ignore.

Nottingham University in England, whose faculty has won two Nobel-prizes in the last six years, would discover that capsaicin, an ingredient in peppers, may hold the key to preventing and even killing cancers. As the study’s leader, Dr. Timothy Bates, said, “By binding proteins in the cancer cell mitochrondria, the compound triggers apoptosis, or natural cell death, without harming the healthy surrounding cells.”

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