Do you feel that you are living a healthy lifestyle, but still feel crappy?

We offer a private consultation that we call our Health Re-education. It is a checklist of 31 items that will help to debug your health and sort the lies from the truth so that you are left with workable tech to help you live a healthier life.

It is done in person or by phone with Winston at a cost of $100 per hour.

It covers such topics as fats (primary source of energy) and oils, salts, meats, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, soy, microwave ovens, tatoos and piercings, vitamins: natural vs. synthetic, hormones, and many other health-related topics.

Winston will share his wisdom from traditional and up to date sources taken from many years of experience and successful application.

Interested?  Call us at (727) 447-2344 to set an appointment.

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