Earth Core Water Conditioner

  • Restructures Water  For No Lime Scale Build Up
  • Makes Water Wetter & Softer Eliminating The Need For Chemicals
  • Extends The Life Of All Major Appliances

What is a water conditioner?

It makes the water softer and wetter.  It gives better tasting water that is healthier to drink.  In addition, it protects the pipes and appliances from limescale build up, which is the primary reason for equipment failure. (Hot water heater, dishwasher,  washer, water filters clogging…etc.)

Water conditioning that softens water without the use of chemicals or salt!

The EarthCore™ Electro-Mechanical Water Conditioner

is not a standard salt softener nor is it a filter.

This is a lifetime water conditioning system for Residential, Industrial, Aquaculture, and Agricultural use.

The EarthCore™ Water Conditioner is a one piece, self contained Electromechanical Catalytic Water Conditioner.  Its venturi effect core scrubs flowing water in a manner similar to the way rocks scrub water in a mountain stream. Earth grounding provides electrons to help soften the water without chemical or salt additives.

This self sufficient water conditioner will save you money, because there is no need for electricity, chemicals, antibiotics or salt; nor does it have any moving parts to wear out.

It will also save you appliance replacement costs by protecting valuable equipment from limescale and corrosion.

For Residential

  • -Water is better tasting and odor free
  • -Dissolves and removes mineral scale build up from  lumbing systems, water heaters and appliances, therefore extending their service life
  • -Soap film rinses away from bath tubs and showers,
  • -Reduces detergent use,
  • -Retards algae and mildew growth.
  • -Swimming pool chemicals are reduced and pool equipment lasts longer  (average chemical savings is up to 70%)

For Turf & Agricultural

  • Mineral salts are neutralized and wash away from root systems.    This enables plants to extract more nutrients from the soil and produce higher crop yields per acre – 25% to 70% higher yields.  Improves leaching process in hard soils and increases water retention in sandy soils and sandy loam. EarthCore water will break down heavy clay soils for better drainage and percolation in root zone, therefore reducing the need for wetting agents.
  • Increased dissolved oxygen availability eliminates algae and retards black layer effect. 
  • Unusable well water with T.D.S. up to 2000 ppm can be utilized.
  • Drip irrigation and piping systems run trouble free with little or no evidence of limescale clogging (94% reduction in formation of scale).
  • -Water savings range between 25-60% depending on soil type.

For Industrial

  • For cooling tower applications, boilers, water heaters, cogeneration systems, waste heat recovery systems and evaporative cooler pads all surfaces in contact with conditioned water remain free from scale or deposits, which extends the life of any components in contact with the conditioned water.
  • Replaces environmentally harmful chemical water treatment systems.
  • Allows systems to operate at higher T.D.S. levels, therefore increasing operating efficiency.
  • -Alleviates the need to sandblast or acid wash cooling surfaces.
  • -Net savings usually total thousands of dollars per year.

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