The system that remove toxins down to non detectable levels!

The first part of the system is an Earth Core™ water conditioner.  It is an Electro-Mechanical Water Conditioner (NOT a magnet nor a chemical system). The conditioner creates wetter & softer water through the addition of negative electrons and by “restructuring” the water, so that the water filters last longer, as well as protecting all household appliances that are connected to the water source. It does this by preventing and removing limescale build up as well as algae growth.

The second part of the system consists of a 3-tank multi-media system that removes the fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals without removing the beneficial alkaline minerals.

Each tank has a specific function to remove  specific targeted toxic elements.

One would hope that the cities that fluoridate the water would use a clean pharmaceutical grade fluoride as their source.  However, what they use is a industrial waste – “chemical soup” called hydrofluorosilicic acid, resulting from waste acids from the metal plating industries and the Florida phosphate industries’ waste products.  This form of fluoride has been fully dissolved in solution, making it extremely difficult to remove. [Prozac, a psychiatric drug is 94% Fluoxetine, a pharmaceutical fluoride compound].

The first tank is a manganese dioxide mineral tank. This mineral bonds with the fluoride and arsenic compounds to make a larger particle.

The second tank is made from a special material called Alumina (not aluminum). This material takes out heavy metals and will remove aluminum.

The third tank is made from activated coconut charcoals which remove most of the organic materials as well improving taste and flavor. The same tank also has a large quantity of KDF that further removes heavy metals and help maintain a bacteria free environment.

The 3-tank system removes fluoride at the +/-80% rate. [Custom built units can be made so that the percentage can be higher. The cities are starting to use different types of treatment so that a more acidified fluoride can be added, which is significantly harder to remove.

Therefore,  we always use actual water tests for that city so that you are not not dealing with “generalities,” but know what is in your water and that our filters remove the fluoride (and other issues).  Just because the contaminants are removed successfully in one city, it does not mean that they will be removed successfully in another city, due to the different qualities of water.

Water testing totally exposes all challenges.  We have a water testing lab that we have been working with for many years that we will refer you to.  They will perform a 93 item water test for you that will tell you everything  you need to know.  We pass our wholesale cost on to you for this water test.

The additional Ideal Earth Water Under the Sink System is added to the Ideal Earth Water Whole House system to remove any remaining fluoride down to non-detectable levels.

  • -Pre filter
  • -Earth Core water conditioner
  • -Automatic flushing system
  • 3 tanks
  • – Fluoride Conditioning tank
  • – Fluoride Removal tank
  • -Removal tank for chlorine, chloramines and some 3000-5000 other chlorine by-products
  • -Post filter
  • -Under the Sink Ideal Earth Water filter (this last filter ensures that even when levels of fluoride go up in the water, you and your family are protected)
  • Instructions
  • Filter lasts up to 7-10 years


For people who are in apartments or can only fit a small water filtration system under their sink this double tank system with a prefilter works perfectly!

Removes chlorine, chloramines,  heavy metals and chlorine by-products with special emphasis on fluoride, and arsenic,  to NON-DETECTABLE levels. This is the only filter on the market that is able to remove these toxic chemicals without removing the naturally occurring alkaline minerals.

Filter last up to 7-10 years with automatic backflushing system and only a minimal sediment filter replacement once a year.

This system is usually installed in the kitchen with a separate faucet. This is a big system, containing

  • First tank weighing 36 pounds, which removes fluoride and heavy metals
  • Second tank weighing 20 pounds, which removes volatile organic compunds, chlorine, chloramines
  • T-valve
  • Faucet
  • Seven feet of water line
  • Prefilter
  • Postfilter plus bracket
  • Instructions

The Ideal Earth Water Under the Sink System provides tasty, healthy drinking and cooking water at the kitchen sink.  This allows us to remove fluoride to non-detectable levels, plus “polish” the water to further give one the highest quality water possible, while keeping the wholesome minerals that make water healthy.

If you want to have truly healthy water from the tap without the toxic additives from the city and still have all of the minerals that belong in it, call me.


Our Ideal Earth Water filters remove this list of toxins from the water!

Iron  -Sulfur   -Manganese    -Chlorine  -Radon -Uranium  -Trihalomethane (TTHM) (as (CHC13)  -Lead (as PbC12)  -Fluoride  -Nitrate (as N)  -Barium  -Arsenic  -Cadmium   -Chromium +3     -Chromium +6  -Selenium -Mercury -Lindane  -Methoxychlor  -Toxaphene  -2,4-D  -Silvex (2,4,5-TP) -Trichloroethylene (TCE) -Inorganic Metals  -Iron  -Nickel  -Silver -Organic -Trihalomethanes  -Bromoform   -Bromodichloromethane  -Chloroform   -Dibromochloromethane    –Organic Herbicides  –Pesticides, PCB’s  -Alachlor  -Aldrin  -Atrazine  -Chlordane  -Dichloran  –Other Inorganics  -Foaming Agents  -Odor Threshold  –Organic Volatiles  –Benzene  -2, 2-Dichloropropene   -Dieldrin  -Vinyl chloride    -Ethylenedibromide (EDB) -Heptachlor  -Carbon tetrachloride -Ethylbenzene  -Heptachlor Epoxide  -1, 2-Dichloroethane  -1, 1, 2-Trichloroethane    -Hexachlorobenzene  -1, 4-Dichlorobenzene  -1, 1, 1, 2-Tetrachloroethane   -Hexachloropentadine -1, 1-Dichloroethylene   -1, 1, 2, 2-Tetrachloroethane   -PCBs -1, 1, 1-Trichloroethane   -Tetrachloroethylene (PCE)  -Pentachloronitrobenzene  -Bromobenzene   -1, 2, 3-Trichloropropane   -Simazine  -Bromoethane -Toluene   -Trifluralin    -Chlorobenzene   -Xylene    -Chloroethane -Chloroethylvinylether  -Chloromethane -Dichlorodifluoromethane  -2-Chlorotoluene  -1, 3-Dichloropropane     -4-Chlorotoluene  -Trichlorofluoromethane   -Dibromochloropropane (DBCP)  -Trichlorobenzene(s)    -Dibromomethane    -Endrin   -1, 2-Dichlorobenzene-1, 3-Dichlorobenzene    -Trans-1, 2-Dichloroethylene  -Cis-1, 3-Dichloroethylene-Dichloromethane   -1, 1-Dichloroethane  -1, 1-Dichloropropene-1, -2-Dichloropropane   -Cis-1, 3-Dichloropropene


Fluoride Removal Material

Activated alumina is made of aluminium oxide (alumina; Al2O3), the same chemical substance as sapphi

Activated Alumina Activated alumina is made of aluminium oxide (alumina; Al2O3), the same chemical substance as sapphire and rubies (but without the impurities that give those gems their color). It is manufactured from aluminium hydroxide by dehydroxylating it in a way that produces a highly porous material; this material can have a surface area significantly over 200 m2/g. Activated alumina has a very high surface-area-to-weight ratio. That means it has a lot of very small pores, almost like tunnels, that run throughout it. It has large capacity of absorption, high surface area, high mechanical strength and thermal stability. Activated alumina is used widely in chemical, petrochemical and fertilizer industries as desiccant, absorbent, catalyst carrier, and as a filter of fluoride, arsenic and selenium in drinking water.

Catalyst application Activated alumina is used for a wide range of adsorbent and catalyst applications including the adsorption of catalysts in polyethylene production, in hydrogen peroxide production, as a selective adsorbent for many chemicals including arsenic, fluoride, in sulfur removal from gas streams (Claus Catalyst process).

Desiccant* Use as a desiccant, it works by a process called adsorption. The water in the air actually sticks to the alumina itself in between the tiny passages, as the air passes through them. The water molecules become trapped so that the air is dried out as it passes through the filter. This process is reversible, and if the alumina desiccant is heated to about 200C it will release all of the water stored in it. This process is called regenerating the desiccant.

Desiccant* a substance that promotes drying (e.g., calcium oxide absorbs water and is used to remove moisture)

Fluoride absorbent Activated alumina is also widely used to remove fluoride from drinking water. In the US, there are widespread programs to fluoridate drinking water. However, in certain regions, such as the Jaipur region of India, there is enough fluorine in the water to cause fluorosis. Activated alumina filters can easily reduce fluoride levels from 0.5ppm to less than 0.1ppm. Note: Maximum contamination level that cities can add fluoride up to is 4ppm, yet, in Jaipur, India, 0.5 ppm is causing fluorosis! Therefore, the reports that state that 0.85ppm is sufficient to make 25% of the population get fluorosis is most likely true.

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