Microwaves turn all foods into a left-hand spun material (most toxic, synthetic products spin to the left and most naturally occurring foods spin to the right. The spin refers to the molecular structure that looks like “DNA molecules” and they have a spin like a spring, which face left or right.)

This is like trying to fit your right hand into a left hand glove. Your body will respond to the food but will not use the food or digest the food properly.

A recent research done in Finland found that antioxidants and other wonderful cancer fighting compounds fresh vegetables because they are water soluble and are most easily lost when boiled or blanched in large quantities of water. ( The journal of the science of food and agriculture 2003 vol.83 #14. The researchers also discovered that microwave vegetables also lose up to 97% of 3 major antioxidant compounds. The Soviet Union banned the use of microwaves in 1976.

It is important to remember that many of our health issues come from poor digestion. That is one reason why we use the microorganisms in Inner Garden to help the body process food and we also soak beans, nuts, and rice in Inner Garden to help prepare them for the body to break down properly.

So if you are still using a microwave to prepare your food you may want to think twice.

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