You are alone.  Suddenly, you have a severe pain in your chest and you fall to the ground in agony.  You can’t breathe and the pain that is squeezing your chest is moving up your arm.  There is no one else around.  You are completely alone.  You have 10 seconds before you will lose consciousness.  The phone is too far to reach.  What do you do so you don’t die?  Read On – It may save your life ……. 

If you find yourself in this position, or if you never learned CPR, if you do the following things, you will save yourself from dying of a hearth attack.  Do not panic.  Start  coughing – deep coughs designed to bring up sputum.  Take a deep breath, and cough every 2 seconds.  Then repeat.  Taking a deep breath, then a deep cough every 2 seconds will get air into the lungs and squeeze the heart, normalizing the rhythm, and it keeps the blood circulating.  Continue to do this until you feel the heart is normal again, or until help comes.  Even when help arrives, you may want to continue the deep breathing and coughing.  (No. 240 Journal of General Hospital Rochester)

There are a couple of other things you can do if you or someone else is having a heart attack.  The first is to take magnesium – either in a tablet put under the tongue, or dissolved in a hot drink called, “Calm.”  It is available online.  Magnesium is known for reducing stress and helping the heart to maintain a normal rhythm.

Another thing you should have in your arsenal, is my Super Tonic, made with extra hot cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic, horseradish, and alcohol.  I have saved several people from dying from heart attacks and strokes with my super tonic.

If you have some milk, juice, or yogurt handy, mix several droppersful of super tonic into a swallow of milk, juice, or yogurt and have the person throw it to the back of their throat and swallow quickly.  Super tonic will dilate the arteries and increase the blood circulation.  Continue doing so until the person’s color has begun to come back and they are apologetic for having caused you any trouble.

Hopefully by then, the paramedics show up to handle them.  If not, continue the treatment until they begin to complain of the heat.  This can take a whole 1-2 oz bottle, so don’t expect this to happen quickly.

Be armed – keep a bottle of supertonic in your glove box and a small packet of magnesium powder in case of emergency.  But, if you don’t have anything, remember to take deep breaths and cough hard, and you’ll live.

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