• Medical grade alkaline water
  • 50% Reduction in Water Molecule Size
  • High negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential)


This is the only alkalizer we trust! Why? It takes time to produce high quality alkaline water!

Why you should choose a medical grade batch alkalizer rather than a  flow-through alkalizer that connects to the faucet:

The “real” medical grade water alkalizer gives the benefits that we are told about.  It takes TIME to create quality water.

Do you want to know the truth?

The original alkaline water testing (+/-60 years ago) was done with a batch alkalizer not a flow-through alkalizer. Therefore, the alkaline water literature and testing results that you find are actually based on batch alkalizer testing.  Yet the flow-through alkalizers do not produce the same results!

All flow-through alkalizers process the water for 1/5th of a second.  Since you are only interested in the effects of the negative charge (ORP*) and it’s micro-clustered water (water molecule is+/- 50% smaller) rather than its alkalinity, how much negative charge or reduction in water molecule size can occur in 1/5th of a second?

Batch alkalizers process the water for 15 to 30 minutes. This is 3000 to 9000 times longer processing time than the flow-through alkalizers!

This is like using a battery charger on your car battery.  The electricity trickles in for a long period of time, creating more stability vs. a  jump start charge from another car.

The batch alkalizers like ours use quality electrodes with very low amperage to produce a product that does not leach into the water and is safer to use.  In fact, our electrodes never need replacing, unlike some flow-through models.  Some flow-through machines zap the water with such high voltage that it can cause heavy metals to leach into the water from the electrodes breaking down.  

In addition, some flow-through alkalizers utilize two specific technologies to artificially enhance both the pH as well as the ORP (negative charge) with mineral/chemical methods. They use coral calcium in the pre-filter to increase the pH. Tourmaline is also added in the pre-filter to artificially increase the ORP. So they are creating higher pH and ORP with coral calcium and tourmaline.  Other flow-through machines have reservoirs that contain additional chemicals.

This is why alkaline drops or alkaline minerals used in flow-through machines to alkalize the water are a problem.   These alkaline solutions and mineral filters will neutralize the acids in the stomach, creating later health issues.   Alkaline chemicals + acid chemicals = salts.In this case, the acid chemical is one’s body, and the salts that are created with interaction with alkaline minerals will tax the kidneys and may, over time, cause kidney stones and other problems elsewhere in the body. This is also why long-term use of alkaline minerals, (such as baking soda or stomach antacids or acid reflux medicines) cause severe health issues. The body is forced to use the alkaline minerals, even when it shouldn’t. This is how you destructively change body chemistry.

This is not what occurs when making alkaline water with the medical grade batch alkalizer.

Batch Alkalizers that generate a high negative charge do not use any chemicals to create the high negative charge or high pH. They create 100% electrically induced pH and ORP that the body can discharge.   The negative charge in the alkaline water is what does the work in the body by allowing the cells to let in nutrients and let go of the positively charged acid waste and heavy metals that have been glued to the cell walls.  Thus the body can cleanse itself. 

The alkalinity of the water is incidental and less important than the negative charge.  Because the negative charge is electrically induced rather than chemically induced, the body can use what it wants to and flush away the rest. The long duration of processing the water in the batch system makes the water molecule +/-50% smaller. This is the primary reason why this water has close to 3 times the penetration power and is able to detoxify so well.

Since the alkalinity of the alkaline water is discharged at the mouth, the solution entering the stomach will not neutralize the stomach’s acid, as the water is no longer alkaline.

If a person with diabetes drank 1 1/4 gallons of alkaline water every day (made from a batch system), I would be willing to bet that within 30-45 days, 95% would lower their insulin requirements. Try that experiment with a flow-through alkalizer and see how many failures you will have.

Keep in mind the working difference is negatively charged alkaline water (from a batch alkalizer) vs. alkaline chemicals in water. Negative charged alkaline water helps the body to lower the positively charged acid waste and heavy metals, so that the cells can dispose of these waste materials easily.

Alkaline chemicals will neutralize the acid waste to form SALTS.  These salts will be added waste for the kidneys to dispose of and as one ages and the kidneys lower their efficiency, the possibility of forming kidney stones goes up.

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*ORP = Oxidation Reduction Potential or the negative charge of molecules in the water.  The higher the negative charge, the more beneficial the alkaline water is in detoxifying the body’s heavy metal and positively charged acid waste.

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