1-Good Food – A nourished body = a healthy and smart kid!
In order to navigate the twists and turns of school, nutrition is the key to healthy, smart kids.  Kids should understand the difference between good foods and bad foods.  Many use the traffic light model with success. “Green light foods are good for you. Eat as much of them as you like. These include fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, nuts, organic meats, and dairy. Red light foods should not be eaten, like corn syrup, diet foods with Nutrasweet, caffeine products, and foods with artificial colors and flavors. Yellow light foods are those you should slow down on, like desserts, processed white flour products, and juice.”

A good rule is, “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat or drink it.”

Pack a healthy lunch with fruit (blueberries, grapes, apples), protein (meat, cheese, almond butter), organic chips, carrot sticks, seaweed snacks, hummus, and yogurt (coconut or almond). The organic healthy options are endless.

2-Keeping hydrated is key!
It is best to avoid juice boxes, sodas, bottled teas (with preservatives), or drinks containing artificial sweeteners.  Unless you want your child to have Candida problems, make sure that their bottled water has not been reverse osmosis processed.  They should learn the buzz words that signify reverse osmosis or de-ionization processing such as “purified” or “minerals added back in for taste” or “de-ionized.” Instead, pack a thermos with sweet tea or fresh lemonade or water with fresh-squeezed lemon to drink throughout the day.

3-Keep on the lookout for BPA and Lead!
When picking out your child’s thermos and lunch box, make sure it is BPA and Lead FREE. Many lunch boxes and packing containers are made with plastic that contains BPA, synthetic estrogen that contributes to hormone disruption. Many vinyl-lined lunch boxes contain lead. Look for BPA and lead-free tags to ensure that your child’s food is not exposed to these toxins.

4-A healthy immune system can minimize colds!
It is a fact that children pass viruses and colds around the classroom.  You can protect your child from the colds and flu passed around by adding immune boosting supplements to their diet. Keeping a good source of Vitamin D3 in the winter months when the body is not getting this important immune booster naturally from the sun.  Using a probiotic formula with multi family, multi species can help protect children from viruses. We have parents who give their children Rest Easy™ to boost their immune system, help them have better digestion, and more restful sleep.

Here is a wonderful testimonial from a long time customer who has used Rest Easy™ with her kids since they were babies.  

Shilah’s Success Story – 8/20/12

“I started using the rest easy for my son when he was about 3 months old as he was having a difficult time sleeping and staying asleep, this stuff worked like magic, I did not think it was possible for it to work so fast and be so effective every time but it was.  I gave him about a teaspoon before bedtime and naptimes and I would lie him down and within 5 to 10 minutes he was out cold.  Whereas before it would take me about 45 minutes of fussing and crying.  It also worked great for colic and constipation.  The fact that it is beneficial for the baby and all natural is amazing.  Thank you Winston.”

Love, Shilah


Probiotics – Better digestion means better concentration!

When your digestion is good, proper elimination keeps you from having “brain fog.”  Proper digestion also keeps better blood sugar levels, to enhance learning and concentration.  Our Inner Garden™ is formulated to give fast results when taken in milk or stirred into yogurt.  It will also keep yogurt or other dairy products fresh longer without refrigeration.

6-Exercise – A growing body needs physical activity to thrive!
Most kids sit still during school, and then when they get home, do homework or watch TV or play video games.  Many schools limit the time for PE. That is why it is important to make sure that your kids go to the park, ride their bikes, or participate in some after school physical activity.

Do you remember how active you were as a kid?  After school, my wife and her siblings played in a swamp at the end of her street catching salamanders, snakes, and frogs after school, or played physical games with the neighbors.  I rode my bike all over town.

With the right level of physical activity, your kids stay thinner, stronger, and happier. TV and video games should be limited to a couple of hours per week after dark or in inclement weather, when it is not possible to play outside.  Otherwise, spring, summer, fall, and winter your kids should be outdoors engaged in physical activity.

7-Vaccines – Don’t feel pressured!
Make an informed choice about the vaccines your doctor is recommending for your children. “Consider the likelihood of exposure, seriousness of the disease, and side effects of the vaccine. Vaccines being forced on school age children these days include pertussis in DTaP (whooping cough), measles (MMR), and HPV (cervical cancer).”  –NaturalNews

Before you comply, you should be aware of the potential harm vaccines may cause to the body. It is always an option to not take a vaccination.

We got a vaccine exemption for our son when he was school age.  Other than a bout with chicken pox, he was extremely healthy.  He is now 26 yrs old and still extremely healthy.

Here are 2 links to help you through this process (and the birth vaccination process as well).  http://www.VacLib.org  & http://www.VaccineTruth.net.

With these tips, you can help your kids negotiate the twists and turns of school and stay healthy, smart, happy, and strong!  Here’s to a wonderful school year!



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